Muscle Testing
Nutrition, Supplements And Your Body

Your body knows what it needs to run like a well-oiled machine. It also knows when vital nutrients are missing. Stress, illness, today's hectic modern lifestyle, and poor diets create a chemically toxic environment in the body which require more than just eating your fruits and vegetables to function and heal properly.

Dr. Gene utilizes a form of muscle testing referred to as Kinesiology. This procedure helps to determine exactly what your body needs to improve. Kinesiology provides a personalized nutritional plan using professional quality whole food supplements. By alleviating nutritional deficiencies you may be experiencing your body gets back on the road to good health much faster. Get tested today and find out what your body is nutritionally missing.

Muscle Testing: Allergy Diagnosis

Sometimes subtle and often hidden to a degree, allergens abound in our modern toxic environment. Allergies can cause adverse issues to your health and well-being. Left untreated, allergens make it very difficult to effect a permanent change for improved health. Frequently these conditions can improve.

Dr. Gene uses muscle testing to determine what you may be allergic to and will help treat the allergies with both whole food supplements and individualized dietary changes. Getting allergies under control can help you heal faster and return to an improved level of energy and well-being! There are numerous causes for allergic reactions. Maybe we can help.

Muscle Testing And The Neuro-Emotional Connection

Sometimes chiropractic care and nutrition alone are not enough to fully alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing. In cases like these, Dr. Gene may use a combination of muscle testing with a technique known as Neuro Emotional Testing developed by Dr. Scott Walker from San Diego, CA. This procedure is designed to determine if there is an emotional cause of your physical pain. If an emotional connection is determined to exist, patients often experience a marked increase in relief of their pain and symptoms by using the NET procedure.

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