Chiropractic: A Natural Methodology

Chiropractic care is the world's largest natural health care system in the world. The practice of chiropractic is a time honored discipline that started in 1895 when the first chiropractic adjustment cured a deaf man and he totally regained his ability to hear. Chiropractic uses the body's own healing capabilities to heal and strengthen misaligned vertebrae in the spine.

We are born with bodies that have every tool necessary to stay healthy, to heal, and to perform like well-tuned engines. However, today's hectic, fast-paced and often stressful lifestyle can take its toll on our physical and emotional well-being. Bones become misaligned, joints ache, posture and nutrition suffer, and those stiffening muscles just won't let us perform the way we did when we were younger. Though age is a contributing factor over the years people have accepted a far lower standard of health than they deserve. Regular chiropractic adjustments help realign bones, improve posture and blood flow, and lessen the aches and pains of life that most would consider "normal". You deserve a better quality of life. You only get one chance at this game called life. Why settle for less! Make an appointment and get started today. You will wish you had started earlier.

Sport Tips

Dr. Gene says: Stretch before and after playing sports or working out to help minimize injuries, strains, sprains, muscle pain, and soreness. The most common sports injuries we see? Shoulders, knees and ankles; so be sure to stretch out every time and see us for a personalized stretching program to fit your exercise needs.

State of the Art Equipment

Swella Chiropractic has state of the art equipment for your care including a Digital x-ray machine to ensure you get the best and most precise results. When x-rays are required high precision films mean less need to retake an x-ray; This lowers your exposure to radiation. X-rays eliminate the guess-work. The doctor then knows exactly the condition of your body and precisely what needs to be done. Without x-rays the doctor is making an educated guess at best.

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